Upcoming Events Close Triangle

Married 20-30s

Silver Spoon Restaurant

10-week class for those seriously dating, engaged  or married for 3 years or less. All ages.
Teachers: Rick and Ada Ferguson

Early Journeys Room C218

Young married class. Ages 25-40 / Class size: 15
Teacher: Jon Tomberlain

Genesis Room C254

Young families class. Ages 30-35 / Class size: 30
Teacher: John Triplett

the balance ROOM C252

Newly Married or Nearly Married.  Class size: 15
Teachers: Bobby & Debra Fischer

Café Class Cafe

Ages 25-45 / Class size: 55
Teacher: Larry Sims

Carpenter Class Room C220

Ages 25-33 / Class size: 25
Teachers: Brian Carpenter & Hayden Hemphill

Marriage Matters Class Room C222

Ages 30-40 / Class size: 25
Teachers: Bill & Rhonda King