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Connection Classes

Each fall and spring, we launch new classes for you to grow in specific areas and to connect with other believers at FBC. From marriage, to parenting, to finances, to spiritual growth, there is a class specifically for you. 

New classes to begin ON Wednesday, August 23, 2017  6:00pm 

"House or home parenting" 
TEACHERS: landon & amanda huffer

To say that parenting is a great challenge is a vast understatement.  With so many competing ideas and philosophies, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and paralyzed.  But there is HOPE.  In the midst of all the confusion about parenting, God has given us a blueprint for parenting with clear, timeless truths that still work today.  10 week study - Room 182D.  Materials are available for $10. 

"Love and respect" 
TEACHERS: jason & Amy pickelman

Five out of ten marriages end in divorce because love alone is not enough.  Love is vital to women, but what we have missed is the husband’s need for respect.  Want to experience marriage God’s way?  Then try some Love and Respect!  12 week study - Crossroads Room.  Materials are available for $5 but not required. 

TEACHERS: briscoe & tami davis / doug & jennell ingram

A class for young adults who are seriously dating, engaged or married for 3 years or less.  Topics include communication, conflict resolution, finances, sexual intimacy and others.   9 week study - Room 182C.  Materials are available for $5. 

"Successful Step Families" 
Teachers: Bill & Rhonda King

This study and support group provides encouragement and advice for couples who are walking through the challenges of blending all their children into a new family structure. This is an on-going class.

"cookies on the lower shelf" 
TEACHER:  Jacob bain

Cookies on the Lower Shelf, Part 1 provides a step-by-step guide beginning with Gods beautiful creation in Genesis to the rabble-rousing days of the Judges of Israel. Meet Adam and Eve, weather the flood with Noah, and sojourn with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Go from the land of Canaan into Egypt with Joseph, then back out again as Moses and the children of Israel travel to the Promised Land. See tremendous victories under Joshua and chilling defeats during the time of the Judges.   11 week study - Room 127.  Materials are available for $20. 

"Ignite your passion for god" 
TEACHERs:  David & Pat Bain

At different times in our spiritual journey, we may discover that we’ve somehow developed apathy toward the things of God.  Instead of being fueled by spiritual passion, our faith seems to be running on autopilot or halted.  Through this study, you’ll discover practical steps you can take to ignite a fire that will propel you toward a deeper, more meaningful faith.  6 week study - Room 132.  Materials are available for $10.

TEACHER:  Shelby Cowling

God created you for his glory to advance his gospel with the gifts, talents, and opportunities he gave you. You live at this time in history for a purpose bigger than yourself. Learn how to connect the gospel story with your story, and how to talk about that story in normal conversations with people you know. 
No gimmicks. Nothing clever. No need to freak out. Just you, Jesus, and others—in conversations that matter.   7 week study - Room 173.  Materials are available for $5.

"Kingdom agenda - Engaging the culture" 
TEACHERs:  Robert Jackson & Tad cunningham

This video series, based on the principles of the Kingdom Agenda by Tony Evans will examine the Christian way of life and contrast that way of life to what the world has to offer. Tony Evans explains, "The Kingdom Agenda is the visible demonstration of the comprehensive rule of God over every area of life."   10 week study – Room 133.  



"5 habits of a woman who doesn't quit" 
This class will be held October 11-November 15.
TEACHERs:  DEBBIE SCHREVE & Jennifer orgeron

If you’ve ever felt like giving up on something, this book is the encouragement you need to help you press on.  Through a study on the book of Ruth, we will learn how to cultivate 5 consistent habits that will help us progress towards our goals.  It’s ALWAYS too early to quit!  6 week study - Room 182 A,B,E,F.  Materials are available for $5.