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Band and Orchestra

The FBC Band and Orchestra is a group of gifted musicians who lead worship each week with the Worship Choir as well as by them selves. This group is made up of people with a wide variety of musical experience, education and preference but the common bond is a desire to offer their gifts to the Lord through music. The instrumental ministry of FBC also extends throughout the community as they play music for a number of special events.

The Worship Band is the musical backbone of the FBC Worship Ministry. The band utilizes drums, bass, guitars, and keyboards in order to lead worship with our other worship teams. The ability to read music is not required but is extremely helpful. The ability to read chord charts IS required. A formal audition is not required to be on this team however there will be an opportunity to make sure that the necessary skill level is available.

The Orchestra consists of woodwind, brass, string & percussion instruments. Members of the Orchestra must be at least 16 or older. FBC Orchestra plays in wide variety musical styles, therefore it is necessary to have the ability to read music and sight-read. An audition is required in order to be a part of this team. To schedule your audition or for more information you may contact the music office at 903.831.6000 or musicoffice@fbctexarkana.org