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To The King

To The King

Dear Church Family:


In the reign of King Joash (835–796 BC), the beautiful temple Solomon built for the Lord in 959 BC was in desperate need of repair and restoration.  The priests made a chest to collect the needed offerings, and they set it outside the temple.  The people of Judah rejoiced as they gave generously and sacrificially to beautify and refresh the house of the Lord.  


We have a similar situation before us … and it is exciting!  The Worship Center—the place where we gather to meet with God—is in need of repair.  Decades of wear and tear have taken its toll on the facility, and it desperately needs a wonderful and marvelous makeover.  


We have worked, planned, studied and discussed this makeover project for quite some time.  The staff, the deacons, the Property Committee, the Finance Committee and various leaders in our church have looked at the current state of our Worship Center and concluded that a renovation is in order.  


We are calling this renovation campaign TO THE KING.  We desire to honor the King and give a gift worthy of the King, so that the place where we gather as a church to worship the King would properly reflect our deep love and gratitude for all He has done for us.  As always, we are not looking for equal gifts, but equal sacrifice.  The one Jesus noted as the greatest of givers was the poor widow who gave two small copper coins, amounting to a cent.  Her gift honored the King, because it reflected a tremendous sacrifice and a heart of love.  May ours do the same.    


We are looking forward to an exciting February as we join together to give our best to the King and His Kingdom.  The greatest days for FBC Texarkana are yet ahead.  I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do in us and through us as we live and give to His glory.    




Pastor Jeff 

View our "To The King" brochure to find out more.