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TV/Radio Broadcast

Over 50 Years of Broadcast Ministry

Through the broadcast ministry of FBC, we have been able to touch lives all around the Ark-La-Tex with Good News of Jesus. What started as a local broadcast - has now grown to a worldwide ministry airing on TV and Radio through From His Heart Ministries.

It is exciting and humbling to think that God has used us to minister to untold multitudes of people who have never even stepped foot in our church. Praise God that there will be people in heaven as a result of seeing God's word preached on our broadcasts.

Watch fbc and Pastor jeff schreve on tv


5:00 AM on KSLA - 12

9:00 AM and 11:00 PM on KLFI - 10

10:00 AM on KTAL - 6


8:00 AM and 7:00 PM on KLFI - 10



From His Heart Ministries

From His Heart with Pastor Jeff Schreve is a worldwide outreach from the pulpit of FBC that seeks to offer life-changing truth, love and hope to a lost and hurting world. Our broadcasts are seen weekly on thousands of cable and TV stations around the world and heard daily on over 400 radio outlets across America as well as 24/7 online.

Go to www.fromhisheart.org for the following ...
• Learn how much Jesus loves you in our Why Jesus section.
• Watch the worldwide TV broadcast each week (different from the FBC broadcast).
• Find the local TV and radio broadcast station or network in your area.
• Listen to and Watch hundreds of archived broadcasts online.
• Sign up for Pastor Jeff's weekly Real Hope e-mail encouragement.
• Learn how much Jesus loves you in our Why Jesus section.
• Discover hundreds of audio, video and written resources to help you in your Christian walk.
• Order CD, DVD or MP3 downloads of this week's programs.
• Contact information for From His Heart:
o Call: 1-877-777-6171
o E-mail: info@fromhisheart.org
o Prayer Requests: www.fromhisheart.org/prayer

If you don’t listen or watch online, below is a list of the major networks where you can watch or listen to the broadcast.  Click here to find your local station.

Watch On TV

The Hillsong Channel Direct371; Dish258 Tues 5PM CT
NRB TV Direct 378; Skyangel 181 8:30 AM CT
Cornerstone TV Cable and Nationwide TV Affiliates and SkyAngel 128 Sun 7AM CT
TheWalkTV Nationwide Sun 9 AM CT

Listen on the Radio

SiriusXM -FamilyTalk Channel 131 M-F 3:30AM CT
CSN Radio Network 350+ Outlets M-F 12:30P CT
American Family Radio 142 Outlets - National 6P M-F / 6:30A & 9:30A Sun CT