Connection Classes

Each fall and spring, we launch new classes for you to grow in specific areas and to connect with other believers at FBC. From marriage, to parenting, to finances, to spiritual growth, there is a class specifically for you.


STARTING AUGUST 21, 2019 | 6:00 pm



Theology 101

The course is designed for students who have no previous training in theology. The course concentrates on the classical topics of Christian theology surveyed under the following categories: 1) Revelation; 2) God; 3) Creation, Fall, and Redemption; and 4) Church and Its Future.

10 Weeks / Teacher: Marcus Bellamy


Whether you've got your money tied up in credit cards, student loans, that massive car payment, or even those unwanted medical bills, its all adds up and fast. It can feel like you're stuck in a constant cycle, living paycheck to paycheck and anxiously wondering when the next shoe will drop. Most of us have been there. The good news is that you don't have to stay there!

8 Weeks / Teacher: David Cook

Grace Filled Marriage

The missing ingredient in most marriages isn’t love; it’s grace.  Love does a great job of getting us married, but it’s God’s grace that can keep us married.  We all need to wrap grace around our love to keep it fresh and ensure that it grows stronger with time. Book cost is $10.

7 Weeks / Teacher: Chris Schroeder


Divorce care

The reality of divorce can overwhelm hurting individuals.  Divorce Care groups provide support and direction for participants to begin to heal and restore balance in life. Book cost is $15.

13 Weeks / Teachers: Ron and Barbara Morrow

Exploring my mission-

Here and There

Participants will learn a biblical foundation for missions and evangelism. Practical training will be given on how to share Christ with others through your testimony. The class will be introduced to a global perspective of missions and how FBC is reaching the world through missional opportunities.

6 Weeks / Teachers: Mike Beck and Jacob Bain


We all want our lives to matter. We want to be women of legacy. But how do we do that? Join us for this 7-week study as we look at ordinary women in scripture who, through major decisions, courage, and modest offerings will challenge and inspire us to live a life that makes an eternal difference. Book cost is $15.

7 Weeks / Teachers: Debbie Schreve, Amy Damron and Jennifer Ogeron

successful stepfamilies

This study and support group provides encouragement and advice for couples who are walking through the challenges of blending all their children into a new family structure.

Ongoing / Teachers: Bill and Rhonda King


Be a part of our Worship choir and join us for our weekly rehearsal.

Ongoing / Teacher: Quinn Stanfill