Connection Classes

Each fall and spring, we launch new classes for you to grow in specific areas and to connect with other believers at FBC. From marriage, to parenting, to finances, to spiritual growth, there is a class specifically for you.






How to study the bible

This class will assist participants in learning practical methods in how to study the bible. The class will provide an introduction to inductive Bible study involving the steps of observation, interpretation (hermeneutics), application and correlation. Principles in these steps will be applied to several biblical passages and books of the Bible during the class. 

8 Weeks, Ends March 2020 / Teacher: Marcus Bellamy

Starting April 1st

never go back - women only

If you ever feel "stuck" or "bogged down", join us as we talk about 10 principles that have one thing in common: once you learn and apply them, you'll never go back to your old way of doing things. Book cost is $13.

5 Weeks during the month of April  / Teachers: Debbie Schreve

The seed & the serpent

A study that gives you a panoramic view of God's amazing triumph over the guardian cherub's rebellion and your victory in Christ. Discover the unseen perspective that puts the biblical pieces together from Genesis to Revelation and brings light to God's eternal plan in these last days.

8 Weeks, Ends March 2020 / Teacher: Michael Holihan

successful stepfamilies

This study and support group provides encouragement and advice for couples who are walking through the challenges of blending all their children into a new family structure.

Ongoing / Teachers: Bill and Rhonda King

you, blameless at his coming:

1 Thessalonians

This is an in-depth study of Paul's first letter to the church at Thessalonica. The class will use a workbook and practice specific Bible study skills focusing on learning principles of Christian living and understanding God's ultimate rescue - the rapture of the church. Book cost is $15.

8 Weeks, Ends March 2020 / Teachers: David, Pat and Jacob Bain

something needs to change: a call to make your life count in a world of urgent need

What does it mean to follow Jesus in a world filled with urgent physical and spiritual needs? This bible study will help you encounter the teachings of Jesus through the gospel of Luke. It will encourage you to identify ways God may be calling you to pray, go, and give for the sake of His glory among the nations. 

8 Weeks, Ends March 2020  / Teacher: Mike Beck, Phillip Cockrell and Dwayne Mitchell 

grace based parenting

A study focusing on specific principles of effective parenting. Book cost is $15 per couple.

10 Weeks, Ends March 2020 / Teacher: Chris Schroeder

grief share

A course over the topic of grief recovery where you can find help and healing for the hurt of loosing a loved one. Book cost is $15. 

13 Weeks, Ends April 2020 / Teachers: Steven & Sandy Gillespie


Be a part of our Worship choir and join us for our weekly rehearsal.

Ongoing / Teacher: Quinn Stanfill