Life Classes

Each fall and spring, we launch new classes for you to grow in specific areas and to connect with other believers at FBC. From marriage, to parenting, to finances, to spiritual growth, there is a class specifically for you.


Winter/Spring Life Classes will begin January 18, 2023 | Class Time:  6:00 pm


Missing Pieces

Does God care? Is He fair? Is He even there? Join us for this 7-week study as we learn anew that even though God's ways don't always make sense, He is ALWAYS trustworthy. we can come close to Him and experience his peace despite our circumstances. We can trust Him more than our feelings! 

Heidi Cashatt / 7 weeks / Crossroads     women only

Cost: $8

A Study in 2 Timothy

As believers, how do we live in these current days? How do we guard the gospel and proclaim it faithfully? How do we prepare ourselves to suffer for it and to pass it on to the next generation? Join us in this 6-week in-depth study of the book of 2 Timothy as we learn how to "run the race with endurance," keep the faith in difficulties, and fulfill our purpose on this earth until Christ returns.

Jennifer Orgeron / 6 weeks / Room 267  women only

Understanding the Times, A.D. 2023

The Christian Worldview (Part 1) - An anthology of the Word vs. the World in theology, philosophy, law, ethics, biology, psychology, education, history, and science featuring selected works from David Noebel, Ken Hemphill, Francis Schaeffer, Del Tackett (Truth Project), Ken Ham (AIG), David Barton and other Christian thinkers. What are we to do in times like these? Come and see.

Robert Jackson / 12 weeks / Room 182 A & F

Family Talk: Grace-Based Parenting

Too much of today's Christian parenting is based on fear of the world and fear of America's secular culture. Grace-Based Parenting, on the other hand, mirrors God's love, reflects His forgiveness, and displaces fear as a motivator for the choices we make. Grace-Based Parenting is about learning to love our children the way God loves us.

Chris & Rochelle Schroeder / 10 weeks / Room C250

Controlling Thoughts, Desires, and Passions

Through the examples of men in Scripture - those who fell into sin and those who stood firm - you'll find hope for controlling your passions, learn how to choose the path of purity, and find assurance that, through the power of the Holy Spirit and God's Word, you can escape the corruption of this world and be able to stand before God blameless and pure one day.

David Wommack/ 6 weeks / Room 182 C & D men only

Cost: $5


This class will help believers understand WHY and HOW to effectively communicate Christian thought for effective engagement in the culture. "Always be prepared to make a defense to everyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect." - 1 Peter 3:15 (ESV)

Nathan Thomas / 6 weeks / Room 133

Mark: Learning to Follow

Have you lost your fascination with the Lord Jesus Christ? How can you truly follow the Lord? Do you have a firm Christian foundation? Why should you care about any of this? In this class, participants will read through the book of Mark together, learn how to draw near to God, and discover the answers to these crucial questions. Join us as we ask and answer the tough questions every believer needs to wrestle with.

John Triplett / 12 weeks / Room C254

Grief Share

This class begins on Tuesday, January 10th.

Grieving the loss of a loved one can be a painful process. Grief Share offers valuable tools combined with group discussions to support and encourage those traveling the journey through grief.

Charles & Kathy (Wright) Lawrence / 13 weeks  / Tuesdays / Room 101

Cost: $20


Celebrate Recovery

Ongoing support program for those wanting to heal hurts, change habits or surrender hang-ups.

When: Tuesdays @ 6 p.m. / Room: Fusion 

Successful Stepfamilies 

This study and support group provides encouragement and advice for couples walking through the challenges of blending all their children into a new family structure.

Bill and Rhonda King / Room: 172