FBC Children's Ministry

Grades 1st-5th

Welcome to Kids U where kids are given the tools to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of Christ while having a BLAST learning about His LOVE for them! To prepare kids for this experience, we offer lots of opportunities like Sunday School, kids UNITED, Bible Basics and Bible Drill, Vacation Bible School, Children's Camp, and much more! As traditional as these ministries sound in name, they are far from traditional in nature. We are competing with a fast-paced and very stimulating world, so we go to extraordinary lengths to partner with parents to excite and entice while always making sure that Christ is our foremost focus!


2nd-floor Children's building in kids U.

A ministry uniting children with the gospel of Christ using scripture memory, games, puzzles, crafts, drama, music, prizes, and much much more!  A personal confidence in the use of God’s word is the emphasis.

Spring 2021 is Bible Drill, Bible Basics and Bible Fun time! January through the end of May we spend Wednesday nights memorizing all 66 Books of the Bible as well as Scripture. We begin at 6:00 PM in the U for praise and worship, a lesson, video and sometimes even a game. This semester's theme is DEFINED- Top 10. All students grades 1st-5th are encouraged to join us and bring a friend . . . or TWO!

Grades 1st-5th completed


Every Sunday on the 2nd floor of the Children’s Building, students participate in grade appropriate and gender-specific classes where they are provided the basic study of scripture, fellowship with kids their own age, and a sense of belonging to a small group.

The Gospel Project is an effective curriculum for introducing children to the "big picture" look at the Bible.  This is an in-depth 3-year study in chronological order. Kids love the opening rally that is complete with games, prizes, and the lesson video!  And then, children participate in grade appropriate and gender-specific classes where they are provided a deeper look at the lesson through hands-on use of the Bible and other activities. Children enjoy fellowship with kids their own age and a sense of belonging to a small group. 

summer camp

kids CAMP 2021

June 25-28, 2021

Lakeview Baptist Assembly, Lone Star, Texas

Kids who have completed grades 3rd, 4th, or 5th! 

We are making plans to be at camp this summer! We hope that you will join us for some fun! Please visit this page again for more details in the months to come.