The main purpose of the Wedding Ministry at First Baptist Church is to communicate the priority of a Christ-centered marriage with its foundation being a personal faith in Jesus Christ, to encourage the bride and groom to gain an understanding of the pricniples and guidelines of marriage as taught in the Bible, and to provide guidance in planning a wedding ceremony that is a joyous, meaningful and worshipful occasion - signifying the new beginning of a man and woman joining their lives together for a lifetime.

Our pastoral and ministerial staff wish to extend their assistance to you in making your wedding both beautiful and memorable. Our desire is for every bride and groom married at First Baptist Church to be prepared spiritually and practically as they enter into the God-ordained covenant of marriage.  We strive to make each ceremony one which is centered on Christ as well as being respectful of the policies set in place with regard to the First Baptist Church facilities.

Those eligible to have their weddings at First Baptist Church include members, children of members, or grandchildren of members. Weddings may be scheduled by the bride, the groom, or his/her parents. Due to seasonal demands on the church facilities, wedding rehearsals, weddings, or wedding receptions may not be held on the following holidays: Easter Weekend, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Weekend, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Wedding ceremonies and wedding rehearsals may not be scheduled on Sundays or during times that conflict with church services or special church events.

The first step in scheduling a wedding is to fill out a wedding request form. These can be found at the front desk in the East Foyer. Upon approval of the request, our Wedding Coordinator, Mrs. Emily Gammon, will schedule an appointmnet with the bride and her family representative or other party as appropriate.

At that meeting, Emily will help the bride and her family confirm the location of the wedding, the set-up desired, the time for the wedding and rehearsal, and review the policies of First Baptist Church. Our Wedding Coordinator will be of great help to you in making arrangements for your wedding.

All couples who marry at First Baptist Church are required to arrange pre-marital counseling with our staff.

Other than the FBC staff, ministers of like faith and belief may conduct weddings with the approval of our ministry team who will issue an invitation to the officiating minister.

All brides and grooms will be required to sign the Wedding Agreement provided by the Wedding Coordinator.

All photographers and florists will be expected to sign the agreement provided in the wedding notebook.

Video recordings may be made of your wedding ceremony according to the policies and fees listed in the wedding notebook.

Alcoholic beverages of any kind are not allowed anywhere on the church property. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the church building.

For more information, or to schedule, please call the Church Office at 903-831-6000.